Bem Estar e Presentes para cada Signo do Zodiaco

dicas de bem estar para cada signo




In the hustle and bustle of these days we are often shifted from our energy shaft – and cease to act like our true selves. But what can we do?
Here are suggestions of activities and places that, according to Astrological Symbolism, help each person recuperate energy and the state of wellbeing. Laymen know about the Sun´s position in their Natal Chart, which they usually call “my Star Sign”.
If besides the Sun, one also has the position of the Moon, Mercury, Venus and the ascendant in the same sign, the descriptions about one’s solar sign will fit like a glove. Consequently, there will be great identification with the suggestions below. In case this does not happen, my suggestion is to read all the other eleven descriptions. One will probably find out the ascendant sign or another one that is strongly represented in one’s Natal Chart.

bem estar aries

Arians are the bravest, the most audacious and the most competitive when compared to all other signs of the Zodiac. It is part of their nature to always try to be the hero, the champion or number 1. This is the reason why people born under this sign return to their true essence when they are defending an ideal, are in a leadership position, or are practicing or watching sports, especially Formula 1 car races. Watching an action movie, full of risky and dangerous situations such as “Indiana Jones”, makes them re-kindle with their heroic nature. The best thing for a native of this sign is to release a powerful cry while practicing martial arts, or to show all of his strength and courage in daring sports.

Taureans really appreciate good food. This is a sublime moment for this sign, which is highly connected to worldly pleasures, such as a long and relaxing massage. Every moment should be long-lasting for Taurus and to be appreciated with no haste. Dinner, a kiss, a pipe or a cuddle, Taureans are extremely sensual and know how to value what is beautiful. As they are extremely careful and concerned about safety, they look after all their possessions, especially their finances. Looking at, picking up and counting money, helps to reassure them that they have enough to live well, and gives them a sense of tranquility. Touching the soil also makes them reconnect to their essence, maybe through clay, molding statues of the human body, or hugging the trunk of a beautiful tree. It is a sign that deeply enjoys muscular tonus. That is why working out is always welcome to them.

bem estar touro
bem estar gemeos

And what makes Geminians feel fine? Lots of conversation! The subject does not matter, as long as there is an exchange of ideas. Sometimes Geminians even talk out loud, by themselves. And if alone, why not turn on the radio?
People born under this sign also love to take strolls, whether walking, cycling or driving. Everything is valid! Weekends spent nearby will renovate them for the upcoming week. A great pleasure for the curious and knowledgeable Geminian, is to find a newspaper stand or a bookstore to update himself on the latest news, browse all the covers of newspapers and magazines and purchase what truly interests him.
Since this sign governs the lungs, respiratory exercises will help to renovate his energy shaft.

Cancer´s greatest pleasure is to be reunited with his family during a Sunday lunch, remembering stories from the past, and when possible, browsing through the family photo album. Regardless of age, sitting on “mommy´s” lap to feel cherished and protected, also makes them feel good. Staying at home and watching a movie under the duvet is a delight for the natives of this sign. If possible, every Cancerian should have access to a bathtub or a swimming pool because in these places they may experience the sensation of being back into the womb, which makes them feel extremely sheltered.
Another source of joy for Cancerians are antique shops and museums, or even, to visit the homeland of a predecessor.

bem estar cancer

If there is someone who must always be centered, this person is definitely a Leo. Chiropractic massages are a good way to relocate the spine back into place. Leos must know who they are and must be conscious of their identity. Psychoanalysis and reflective moments are very useful in this process. Since the natives of this sign are connected to the Sun, sunbathing is a reinvigorating activity. Distinction and prestige are also a big part of their necessities. This is why most Leos like to act in plays and participate in fashion shows or concerts. This can also be experienced at a shopping mall, during a shopping spree, admiring a jewelry store, wearing fancy clothes, always with a perfect hair-do.
The latter item, the hair, is fundamental. When Leos are down, a makeover in their “mane”, like a haircut, moisturizing treatment, perm and others, can bring them back to life!

To Virgoans, there is nothing more pleasurable than admiring the home shed where all tools are organized by size and shape. They also enjoy looking at a closet full of compartments, perfectly organized and clean. It´s as if their glance could organize their interior, even if rather messy. Going to a street market and admiring the sights of jute bags filled with herbs and different spices, also please them. Virgoans enjoy what is natural, handcrafted, organic and what enhances their health. Taking baths with salts and herbs, vacationing near thermal spring areas, are always welcome. Producing tapestry manually or dancing to very rhythmic music makes them relax and brings them back to new.

bem estar virgem
bem estar libra

Libras are enchanted for what is beautiful and refined. That is why they love strolling through well-groomed parks , visiting art exhibitions, watching ballet or ice-skating. When at home, their delight is to rest on a hammock, to read a nice novel and to be pampered by their spouse to the mellow sound of classical music. Other people’s company is very good for the natives of this sign.
The great diplomat of the Zodiac loves to receive visitors, and entertains them gracefully and harmoniously in a beautiful ambience full of flowers.

Natives of this sign always tend to go deep. They take no interest in the superficial. Scorpios like to dive, literally, and to explore caves. They are born psychologists, who always find the central issue. Moreover, they love to analyze and to read tarot cards to better understand themselves. Reiki and Rolfing Therapy is highly indicated. In the subject of sex, their pleasure comes through the fusion of both bodies. Solving mysteries and puzzles is entertainment to this sign, which also loves to watch thrillers or detective movies. Using a combination of strategy and body consciousness, this is the best Golf player of the Zodiac.

bem estar escorpiao
bem estar sagitario

Sagittarians love to travel and to expand their horizons: this is life to a person born under this sign! That is why their suitcases are always ready for the next trip, and their houses are filled with books from all they have learned.
Indispensable to the native of this sign is to have a game of darts hanging in a room where, through the game, he can reconnect to his targets, his goals. Fireworks also make Sagittarians extremely happy. Movies about law and courts are in their “favorites” list because this sign is always in search of the truth. Faith will never lack to Sagittarians, and visits to places of worship are very dear to them. Horse farms are considered fascinating because Sagittarius is half horse, half man.

Where does a Capricorn feel well? On top of the world! This is why they should travel to mountains high above, and live somewhere closer to the sky like the last floor of a building. Stones are another passion that people born under this sign share, for they are long-lasting. They can spend a long time inside a store that sells precious stones. Regarding time, clocks and watches exercise great fascination in them. Both reassure them that everything in life has its time. Behind this formal and apparently serious citizen, is the best comedian of the Zodiac, completely in love with computer and card games, such as Bridge.

bem estar capricornio
bem estar aquario

Freedom is all Aquarians need. This sensation can be lived externally by flying on a plane, on an air-balloon, skydiving or skiing. Visiting an exhibition of new and innovative inventions, which were created to better our life, also fascinates them.
Likewise, they enjoy participating in a group activity, or building a mosaic patchwork where the combination of little pieces form the bigger picture. Watching a movie about people who had the courage to change the world or about people´s rights reconnects them to their essence and helps them find their axis.
Fraternity: people born under this sign love to participate in clubs and meet their friends.

Tune out of our day-to-day routine and being able to dream and fantasize with other plans, this Pisceans can do easily through music, going to the movies, or sleeping. All three activities that the ones born under this sign love. Contact with the spiritual world also happens when gardening or painting a masterpiece. An outdoor concert or a stroll near the sea, are sources of happiness to this sign, a place where they can come together with nature in perfect harmony.

bem estar peixe

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