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Feng Shui Decorating

According to Astro Feng Shui, if you take good care of the areas of the house related to your Sun or sign, you will enable good energy for your essence, yourself and your body. For a Sagittarian (22/11 to 21/12), these areas are the terrace, the balcony, the porch, a winter garden, the windows, the library and the oratory or altar. 


They all need to be well taken care of and in harmony. You, native of Sagittarius, do not need to have a winter garden or an altar at home, but if you do, be aware that they are connected to your Sun, or sign.


Tip: Check the areas that correspond to the sign of each resident in your home! Using the images above and the description below you can see what the pure energy of a sign is. No one is 100% a specific sign, but you can identify colors and objects that you appreciate and become inspired to decorate your “castle” with your own style.


From the astrological point of view, people born under the sign of Sagittarius or optimistic, sincere, humoristic and world travelers, like decor that exhibits travel, culture and joy. They also like a nice terrace and broad windows with good lighting.


There are several types of Sagittarians:  there are those who study a lot and want to know all about the world; others are very focused on religion and law; some love horses and are very sexual; and they all like rooms that are cheerful 24/7. So the atmosphere will reflect the type of Sagittarian that stands out in you. And in fact, the world is the home of Sagittarius. This sign tends to feel good anywhere!


Colors that prevail in the decoration: Always cheerful such as orange, royal blue or purple (one of the three). They are also inspired by checked patterns.



Furniture style: Do-It-Yourself (practical furniture to assemble at home), country style and imported. What also can´t be missed in the house is: a bookcase with an encyclopedia, travel guides and loads of books.


Animals usually featured in the decor: horses, deer or camels.


Sagittarians like:
• Objects that were bought during their trips
• Books or paintings by the great masters, idols, on achievements, on records
• Ceiling light with built-in fan.
• Oratory or altar
• Different objects from strangers
• Wooden objects
• City maps, world maps or globes
• Telescopes
• Archery and darts game
• Camera recorder
• Hydrangeas and African Lilies (Agapanthus)
• Pictures of fireworks, pictures of horses.