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Feng Shui Decorating

According to Astro Feng Shui, if you take good care of the areas of the house related to your Sun or sign, you will enable good energy for your essence, yourself and your body. For Pisceans (20/02 to 20/03), these areas are the garden, the bar, clean water pipes, the water tank and gas area. They all need to be well taken care of and in harmony. You, Pisces native, do not need to have a bar or gas heating in the house, but if you do, be aware that they are connected to your Sun and sign.


Tip: Check the areas that correspond to the sign of each resident in your home! In the images above and the description below, you can see what the pure energy of a sign is. No one is 100% a specific sign, but you can identify colors and objects that you appreciate and become inspired to decorate your home with your own style.


From the astrological point of view, people born under the sign of Pisces are dreamers, sensitive, gentle and like a dreamy decoration, full of imagination and fantasy.


On the walls there are paintings (oil or watercolor) that resemble the ocean and pictures with spiritual themes. They tend to like the Impressionist style. Pisces is the sign that spends the most with artwork, according to a German study. The Piscean household looks like a castle taken from the most beautiful fairy tales. It also resembles a refuge – like a house on the beach. Having a wine cellar with the best wines at home is a dream for them.


Colors that prevail in the decoration: Pastel tones, aquamarine and similar tones, light purple and white.


Furniture style: Valuable, stylish or “Zen”.


Animals usually featured in the decor: hippos and fish


Pisceans like:
• Lightweight fabrics: like veil and voile
• Sparkles and bronze powder
• Canvas on an easel
• Candles and incense
• Environment aromatizing candle
• Fragrant flowers
• Crystals
• Fairies, gnomes and elves
• Musical instruments
• Stereos
• Home theater
• Cocktail cabinet or armoire filled with drinks