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Feng Shui Decorating

According to Astro Feng Shui, if you take good care of the areas of the house related to your Sun or your sign, you will enable good energy for your essence, yourself and your body.
For a Geminian (21/05 to 21/06), these areas are corridors, mailbox, magazine rack, document drawers and phones. They all need to be well taken care of and in harmony. You, Gemini native, do not need to have a corridor or a magazine rack at home, but if you do, be aware that they are connected to your Sun and sign.


Tip: Check the areas that correspond to the sign of each resident in your home! In the images above and the description below, you can see what the pure energy of a sign is. No one is 100% a specific sign, but you can identify colors and objects that you appreciate, and become inspired to decorate your home with your own style.


From the astrological point of view, people born under the sign of Gemini, or communicative, charming, curious and friendly people, like an alluring, charming and versatile decor. Stripes may be present in sofas, tables or on the wallpaper.


Colors that prevail in the decoration: leaf green, yellow, gray, or a mix of all three. The tone of yellow is light, not golden.

Furniture style: light and mobile furniture (preferably with wheels). The air must circulate under all pieces of furniture. A bookcase with many books and magazines, objects that look youthful and a glass coffee table.


Animals that are usually featured in the decor: parrots, ducks or monkeys
Geminians like:

• Magazines and newspapers
• Books
• Wall size bookcases
• Radio on
• Ipod
• Mobile and phone
• Miniature bicycle
• Table tennis table
• Model train sets
• Wind instruments
• Keyholder


Geminians are very versatile and have good manual skills. Since they do five or more things at the same time, it is common to find books and magazines on the floor read by half, the computer on with an unfinished text and a half way knitted sweater.