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Feng Shui Decorating

According to Astro Feng Shui, if you take good care of the areas of the house related to your Sun, or sign, you will enable good energy for your essence, yourself and your body.

For a Cancerian (22/06 to 21/07), these areas are the kitchen, floor, table, bathtub, swimming pool, carpets and blankets. They all need to be well taken care of and in harmony. You, Cancer native, do not need to have a pool or a bathtub at home, but if you do, be aware that they are connected to your Sun and sign.


Tip: Check the areas that correspond to the sign of each resident in your home! In the images above and the description below you can see what the pure energy of a sign is. No one is 100% a specific sign, but you can identify colors and objects that you appreciate and become inspired to decorate your home with your own style.


From the astrological point of view, people born under the sign of Cancer are home-oriented, sensitive, emotional people that like interior decoration that portrays a warm, family-friendly atmosphere.


Cancer is the most family-oriented sign of the zodiac. Their biggest dream is to build their own home, and “family” is the most important word in their dictionary. Very fond of carpets, sometimes they even put them over fitted carpets. They also love collecting things. They do not like to throw anything away, especially boxes that one day may be used to store other things. So often the homes of these people are filled with different objects, just like Grandma’s house.


Colors that prevail in the decoration: Pearl and old pink.


Furniture style: Love seats (so they cans sit very close to their loved ones), See-through cabinets, as well as inherited and antique furniture.


Animals that are usually featured in the decor: snails, crabs and hens.


Cancerians like:
• Picture frames (especially of their beloved ones)
• Rocking chairs
• Carpets
• Lace curtains or with ruffles
• Pillows
• Silver objects
• Knickknacks
• Music box
• Decorative plates on the wall
• African Violet pots
• Wooden chest
• Small, decorative boxes
• Sea shells
• Kettle
• Tea set with vintage floral patterns on the coffee table (preferably with homemade cookies to accompany)
• Pictures of the whole family together
• Miniature houses.