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testemonial astro feng shui consulting hanna opitz

Astro Feng Shui – Testimonials

testemonial astro feng shui consulting hanna opitz

Astro Feng Shui – Testimonials

Márcia de Luca
Representante de Deepak Chopra no Brasil


“I was extremely moved by your work, Hanna. I admire you immensely, because I’ve never seen anything similar to what you do. This work related to symbolism is something extremely special and it´s very unique. Hanna, this is your gift and the dharma that you dedicate towards mankind’s well-being. It is wonderful! You wander around the house and you see the meaning behind every object, things I had never stopped to think about before, you see detail and its essence…”

Dr. Heinz Konrad



“Our “modern” science, which has brought us so many benefits as well as misfortunes, leaves no room to “unscientific” knowledge and relegates it to the wing of the holistic.
So much arrogance! How narrow-minded! One billion Oriental people have studied and applied Feng Shui and other knowledge for thousands of years, and we categorize them as alternative or holistic.
As a surgeon, I was trained by the school of medicine to be objective, straightforward, focused, logical, and to base my conduct on contemporary science. Thankfully, there are things like Feng Shui, to teach me more. Beyond the limits of this “science”, there is much more to be explored and learned.
Hanna Opitz was the one who, very elegantly, introduced us to Feng Shui in a very convincing manner.”

Silvia Gonzales

“For seven years, I had been trying to get pregnant without success. I called Hanna to see if she could help me through the harmonization of our home.
Before she even saw the house, she already told me what could possibly need repair or be missing in my residence.
Hanna told me that if I fixed the objects, the universe would conspire so I could get pregnant.
Surely enough, since then it seems that a new pathway appeared before me. Everything started to work and I got pregnant three months after her visit!
Daniel is one month old and he is beautiful!”

Ursula von Borries

“I took the Feng Shui course with Hanna Opitz and I loved it! She is an expert in Feng Shui and Astrology, which made it extremely interesting. I was so excited that I came home and immediately put into practice what I had learned.
The result was surprising: positive energy began circulate inside my home again and there was great improvement in my husband’s job.
I am happy to have had this opportunity. Hanna, thank you! “

Silke Lemcke

Graphic designer

“Hanna came into our house, and easily made analogies between the symbols of our home and our personal habits. We have learned that we are responsible for the positive energy and success or misfortunes in our life. It’s very easy and logical to execute this change. We are thankful for all the changes and we have already begun to see results!”

Signe Möbus
Plastic artist

“During a Feng Shui lesson in my residence, Hanna suggested that I modify something in my garden, so that prosperity would start flowing again. Hanna, with her deep knowledge of the ancient art of Feng Shui and her exceptional sensitivity, quickly detected everything that was wrong with my environment.
I followed her advice and took advantage of a few more tips that I had learned during the course. With the energy transmitted by the belief in Hanna’s words, in three days I managed to solve everything I had postponed inside and outside my home that was blocking my life. With a sense of relief and a balanced work environment, my luck changed. In a few days, the sales of my artwork began to exceed and the problems I was facing simply vanished!
To this day, what I learned in the Feng Shui course reminds me of keeping a healthy balance inside my home, which is working very well.”

Catarina Renck

Workshop in Porto Alegre, Brazil

The participation in the seminar “Feng Shui: Brazil Expanding Frontiers”, introduced me to the work of Hanna Opitz. Her expertise in decoding symbols leads us to a new vision of Feng Shui, showing us the symbolism of objects (home, garden or office environment), which leads us to finding peace, harmony and prosperity. I brought her to Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and her work was highly praised.