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ANIMAL SYMBOLISM In Astrology and Astro Feng Shui




In Astrology and Astro Feng Shui – Hanna Opitz

Autor: Hanna Opitz


It is true that we choose animals to adorn our homes in the form of paintings, statues or bibelots , with which we identify ourselves. They reflect a part of our personality because they symbolize our characteristics. Remember that the word "symbol" comes from the Greek sym + bolon, which means to bring together, to unite what apparently was separated. Therefore, we chose styles, furniture, textures, colors, flowers and specific animals to decorate our house as part of our inner world. A dolphin, an owl or a snail? Was it by chance that you chose one of these animals to decorate your home? Or do they have a greater connection with your star sign or ascendant? And what would it mean?


By knowing the symbolism better, you can decorate your house to evoke the strength of an animal in order to facilitate access to an aspect of your nature that so far has been unexplored. The qualities of all the star signs or all animals are within us, to a greater or lesser degree, reflecting on our attitudes and desires.



Through animal symbolism, we can learn some simple ways to awaken the varied parts of the great astrological mosaic, considering that a person is never fully a star sign. Thus, a person is never fully an animal. We can classify the various animals according to their star sign, but dogs do not fall into this classification because of the many different breeds. We cannot classify a Poodle and a Rottweiler under the same sign. Basically, dogs represent the Yang principle (male), and cats the Yin principle (female). Analogous male and female animals usually belong to the same sign, but it is not a rule; the rooster is Aries and the chicken is Cancer. Similar animals can also have different symbolism: the toad is analogous to the sign of Scorpio and the frog is Aquarian.


Dolphins are animals that have sexual pleasure, and just like swans and seahorses, are faithful to their partner. The latter are suitable for faithful couples, in which the woman works outside and the husband takes care of the children. It is the female that lays eggs in the male’s pouch, and he “becomes pregnant”. Parakeets represent faithful couples, where the man looks after his wife full-time. It is the male that will provide food for the female.



To evoke your side of Arian courage, action and leadership more, you can hang a tiger picture on the wall. However, do not do it if you feel uncomfortable or assaulted every time you look at the animal. The symbol will do more harm than good. How about a rooster then? Just like the tiger, it is also a representative of the sign of Aries – leader of his henhouse and number 1. He is the first to wake up every day. Two other Arian animals are the sheep and the shark. The first is the symbol of the sign and shows how the Arians dive into what they do, and the second represents the more aggressive side of the natives of this sign.


If you want to activate the energy of Taurus related to patience, persistence, and daily food supply, choose  the cow as a symbol. Another animal that can also be classified as Taurean is the cricket. Besides singing, it´s voice is Taurean, and  it provides food to its partner in exchange for sex. No other sign takes more pleasure in food than Taurus. This feature reminds us of the pig, which has great pleasure in eating and is also used for piggy banks. Taurus is the star sign of money.


Parrots indicate that those who live in this house like to talk. Monkeys represent flexibility and the smart fox represents Gemini characteristics. The versatility of this sign is represented by the duck that walks, swims and flies, as well as its duplicity, because it is always found in the homes of people with emphasis on two star signs: Gemini and Cancer.


As for the elephants, just like the Cancerians, they worship their ancestors, live in families and have a prodigious memory. Furthermore, it is the “mama” who leads the group. The chicken is the maternal side of the sign of Cancer, brooding and protecting its chicks, like the natives of this sign. Have you seen a traveling Cancerian? Bags on top of bags, the entire house is carried  away. It is similar to the snail. After all, someone could always need something! Wolves and whales also have strong analogy with the sign of Cancer. The first howl at the moon (planet connected to the sign) and live in packs. The second one is the largest mammal.  The act of breastfeeding is Cancerian. The crab is analogous to the sign that it represents, hard  on the outside to protect themselves and soft inside.  That is how Cancerians are: sensitive and often pretending to be tough.


If you are looking for more identity, conscience and dignity, put a lion in your home. The king of the forest meets this star sign´s attributes. In case you want to be more noticed, appreciated and to improve self-esteem, a peacock can help.


The thorough and meticulous Virgoans identify with the squirrel and the wise beaver the builds a dam with water flowing to improve its fishing. If we could only classify the dog in a single sign, it would be Virgo, the sign of servile pets that share their daily lives with their owner. It could also be related to Gemini, which is a sign that is attached to its best friend.


To activate peace indoors, nothing better than a white dove. The bird is analogous to Libra, the Zodiac’s conciliator. A flamingo resembles the figure of a dancer. A swan has beauty, elegance, balance and wishes to remain always next to its partner. These are all Librean features.


Many animals make analogies with different facets of the sign of Scorpio. The natives of this sign are accustomed to death and rebirth. Snakes shed their skin every year always knowing when the new one is ready to come forth. In addition, it is connected to healing and sexual energy. The caterpillar represents someone who is always ready to undergo a major transformation in life and the butterfly, someone who has already gone through this process. An interesting feature about the scorpion that lends its name to the star sign, is that when cornered by enemies, it pierces itself with its own sting, not allowing others to have power over him. Spiders have the amazing gift of weaving their web, where they strategically wait for their prey. Toads are used in witchcraft, for magic spell transmissions and also symbolize transformation from toad to prince. The last animal connected to the energy of the sign of Scorpio is the eagle, which represents power and the ability to fly to great lengths (USA, Germany and Russia use it as a symbol).


In terms of star sign, the owl is between Scorpio and Sagittarius. In some places it means death and an omen. In other locations it is a symbol of great knowledge. It can turn its head 360 degrees. It has the ability to see both its bright and dark side. In terms of planetary energy, it is linked to Asteroid Chiron.


Sagittarians identify with wild or trained horses, either free-spirited or under control. They also sympathize with camels, ideal animals for long journeys. Giraffes are found as adornments in the houses of people that are outspoken, a Sagittarian feature, in which they often do not realize they can hurt  the others with so much truth.


Capricorn natives like to be in charge, so they identify with mountain goats and are constantly seeking for the highest places. They also sympathize with bears because they transmit protection (they are in the Cancer – Capricorn Axis). Teddy Bears provide a safe feeling to children.


Penguins represent a more serious side of Aquarians, which are ruled by the planet Saturn. In suits, they are positioned over the refrigerator, and tend to give away gifts that contain stones (Saturn symbols). They live in groups and have a strong sense of population level. Their genders can only be identified by machines (Aquarians enjoy equality in all senses). The true Aquarian, ruled by Uranus, identifies himself with the group organization of bees, and with the perfect flight of a flock of birds. They also identify themselves with turtles and their protective shields (filled with hexagonal patterns – the Aquarius symbol) so no one invades their area. They also like irreverent and bouncy frogs. In addition to these, we also have kangaroos that represent the modern mother (Cancer – Aquarius), who takes her children to work because she doesn´t have a caretaker for the kids. There are also the geckos, which are able to walk on the walls and in all positions. Lastly, the fireflies, which come with their own personal light, and just like the natives of this sign, are naturally electric. The resident of the house may not even be a native of the sign of Aquarius, but the energy of irreverence, and the breaches in old customs and freedom , are represented through these animals.


The Piscean identifies himself with the hippopotamus and the sloth’s laziness. These are “zen” animals. The dolphin can be found in the homes of people with strong emphasis on the star signs of Pisces and Scorpio. They copulate with pleasure and symbolize the transition from mortality to immortality. Finally, we also have the chief representative of this sign: the fish itself, that swims harmoniously in mellow or rough waters, reminding us of the importance of peace, spiritual serenity and the necessity to live well in all moments of life.