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About Astro Feng Shui

About Astro Feng Shui

Astro Feng Shui is an abbreviation for Astrological Feng Shui. Traditional Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical belief that space harmonization can create a positive flow of energy.


The Astrological Feng Shui is a method developed by me that combines my extensive knowledge of the traditional Feng Shui, Astrology, Symbology, and years of successful practice in improving my clients’ wellbeing through harmonization of their house space and contents.


We live simultaneously in two different cosmos.


Events, situations and things that we have control over, such as the flowers we plant in our garden, the quality of the food we bring to the table or even the decision to repaint an old chair, are considered components of the microcosm.


The macrocosm encompasses areas of our life that we cannot control, such as relationships, ancestors, feelings that other people have towards us, and to some extent, the state of our health.


Every improvement in the microcosm benefits the macrocosm, which in turn reacts positively towards the microcosm, thus creating a continuous circle of positive energy.


With Astro Feng Shui this positive energy is created by harmonizing physical spaces that are indicating need for repairs and consequently bring these benefits to the personal areas of our lives.


Everybody will benefit from learning about Astro Feng Shui. No previous experience or knowledge of Feng Shui is necessary.


To make this knowledge available to everyone, I have developed the Astro Feng Shui Compass, that will guide you in your journey to match areas of your life that you want to improve with objects and spaces that need to be harmonized.


Easy to use, the Compass is available for download on this site.


Coming soon, my book “Your House, Its Secrets” will explore in much more detail the magic positive transformation of your personal life.